Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clary's Closet Is In Need Of New Client's!!! *LIVE GREEN*...SHOP IN YOUR CLOSET!!!

Here is a super great way you can make some extra money & get organized, without looking any farther than your own closet!!! Spring Cleaning is all the rave this season, and so is living green and making the most out of the resources that you already have!! Clary’s Closet is a super great way to help you accomplish all of this!

Here at Clary’s Closet, we make it totally easy for you to make extra money off any extra clothing, shoes or accessories that you have in your closets!! Just contact us to set up an appointment, and we do all of the work. Bring in any items that you don’t have use for, and we will invoice them, and take everything from there. Once your items sell you will receive a check from Clary’s Closet for 50%. WE ALSO can come to your home, and Clary can use her styling skills/expertise to help you decide what you should keep and what you just don't need anymore! We can physically come there and help you organize and re-do your entire wardrobe and closet!

Everyone always has so much stuff in their closet that they just don’t feel like wearing anymore, and this is the perfect way to get some really easy, extra cash off of all of that!! Right now, we are in NEED of new clients, so don’t hesitate to contact us to set up an appointment. Clutter is so not cute, & cleaning out your closet and making room for some new spring and summer must-have additions to your wardrobe is exactly what a lot of us need!! Simplify Your Life…. Clean out that Clutter…. Live Green,… and Contact Clary’s Closet!!!




  1. Clary just did my closet. i was holding on to things that i literally never wore. it was chaos. now its simple and so much easier to find things. Clary can ultimately make your life easier and at the same time help you make money. live green and recycle your clothes by selling the things you dont want/need, make the extra cash and spend it on that new bikini you want for summer ;)