Thursday, April 16, 2009


We recently got our hands on this INSANE, LIMITED EDITION bag from one of our fabulous clients (who happens to be a LV collector)! So sold out everywhere and impossibly hard to find, this Camouflage Speedy 35 is from the Fall 2008 "Monogramouflage" collection. Once again, Louis Vuitton artistic director Marc Jacobs collaborates with Japanese artist extraordinaire Takashi Murikami to create this highly coveted, one of a kind collection. (Previous collaborations from the duo include Multicolor LV, Eye Love Monogram, and the Panda & Cherry Blossom Collections, to name a few!) Inspired by Murikami's exhibit "Magic Ball", featured at the Brooklyn Museum, Monogramouflage is set out to be one of the most coveted of ALL the collaborations. Constantly carried by countless celebrities (Rhianna was recently spotted carrying it all over West Village in NY, and Ashley Tisdale doesn't leave home without hers), this is a MUST have for all LV collectors- and anyone else who can afford to own such an incredible piece of fashion history. (FOR SALE)


  1. I love this bag i've been looking for it for sometime now

  2. I got sooooo excited....I've been looking for this bag for 3 years....I would've sold a kidney for it