Wednesday, April 22, 2009

LOVE!!! Clary's Closet teams up with Hairstylist Niki Poptsis!!!

During our recent Calendar photo shoot we have been telling you all about, many aspects far surpassed our expectations - one part in particular that we couldn't be more excited about! Our personal relationship with Niki Poptsis goes way back, but over the last few days that relationship was taken to the next level - and we were able to work with Niki for the first time in a professional atmosphere. I can't emphasize enough how impressed we were with Niki's professionalism - her passion and devotion to creating the most ideal hairstyle, perfectly executed through her hard work, acquired skill & necessary research. Numerous times throughout her typical day, Niki searches online and looks at blogs from famous hairdressers and photo shoots, and studies all of those pictures for inspiration. She can't wait to practice them on her friends or use them on her next client (she even styled Clary's hair while we had a little extra time on set- and the end result, a totally fabulous beachy look, we absoutely loved- check out Niki's blog for more pics of that!!) - it is that devotion to her job and self discipline that is going to take Niki very far in the world of hairstyling. Niki's overall energy and passion towards her clients happiness, in addition to the pride that she takes in her work are just a few of the reasons we feel so blessed to work with her- not only on this past shoot, but on upcoming shoots to come. She truly is an asset to our team, due to both her fabulous work ethic & her undeniable heart & personality that really shine through while she is working! Niki makes sure that her client's hair is absolute perfection before she lets them walk on the set - and she doesn't hesitate to jump in between shots to fix one stray stand of hair or add a little extra hairspray! It is that kind of passion that client's really love and appreciate - Not to mention her bubbly personality that was so encouraging & inspirational to the client of the last shoot - I could really tell Niki was helping her feel confident and more comfortable with her reassuring comments and cute instructional pose ideas. We are so happy and thrilled that we got to experience Niki in this professional light, and the amount of respect and admiration we have for her work will only grow each and every time we work with her! Check out some of these pics of Niki on the set, and make sure you read Niki's Hairstyling Blog for updates and more on her and what she is doing!


  1. wow thank you!!!!! its so fun working with you!!!

  2. I love the beachy waves look- I'm gonna head over to Niki's blog and check you out. My sister and I do our hair in big waves- we call it the Hollywood Wave! LOL ;) I learned how to do it on set! If I show up on a set without blowing out/straightening my hair, they always touch my waves up! I love it!!! So much fun to work with a great team and it sounds like the client is GREAT!!! That's always a plus!!!