Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 1 - Calendar Photo Shoot - Success!!!

It was ABSOLUTE MADNESS in our world today, and I mean the most exciting, entertaining, professional & productive madness you could possibly imagine!! Today marked day one of the private client calendar shoot that brought together an all-star team of local talent- John Hildebrand (photographer), Niki Poptsis (hairstylist), Veronica Sinclair (make-up artist), & Clary's Closet's very own Clary Mendez (stylist/artistic director). From the very first moments when the shoot began at 8am, the completely natural & totally undeniable chemistry of the team was apparent - laughter & excitement filled the air as everyone prepped for the shoot, rocking out to a mix of old school hits broadcasting through the house via John's iPhone. As John & his assistant prepped the lighting, Niki enthusiastically curled & styled, Veronica gorgeously applied the make-up, & Clary perfected & added last minute wardrobe details. The numerous ways that the team joined forces to execute well thought out instructions & scenario's & turn them into real life shots were nothing short of incredible! We took a ton of totally cute & candid behind the scenes shots, but since this is a private shoot, most of them can not be posted.... yet! Hopefully when the shoot is all wrapped, we can let you all in on a bit more of the fabulosity that occurred behind the scenes- but for now, this is just a glimpse of day one!!! We resume the shoot tomorrow, bright and early, and trust, we can't wait for the excitement & madness that tomorrow will bring!!! Stay Tuned.... We sincerely hope & believe that this is the beginning of some truly incredible projects in the future.....LOVE IT, SO EXCITED!!! (more pics to come) ALSO- the adorable shirts that Niki and Clary are wearing can be found exclusively at Revolution Malibu)


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  2. wow so classic. That was the best shoot ever working with my team. Can't wait for the next shoot thanks

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  4. CRAZINESS.....

  5. crazy good. loving it. cant wait for more to come....
    so slammed!

  6. CLARY-

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! Too fun! Thank you so much for all the love and support. Gavan is an absolute rockstar!!! It's like nothing happened. He's crawling, trying his best to stand, laughing at his silly mommy, has two teeth he worked really hard on- just a normal baby!!! We should do a beach day in the future- Get all the babies together!!! Facebook me on a hot weekend and we'll go build sandcastles!