Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clary's Closet Is In Need Of New Client's!!! *LIVE GREEN*...SHOP IN YOUR CLOSET!!!

Here is a super great way you can make some extra money & get organized, without looking any farther than your own closet!!! Spring Cleaning is all the rave this season, and so is living green and making the most out of the resources that you already have!! Clary’s Closet is a super great way to help you accomplish all of this!

Here at Clary’s Closet, we make it totally easy for you to make extra money off any extra clothing, shoes or accessories that you have in your closets!! Just contact us to set up an appointment, and we do all of the work. Bring in any items that you don’t have use for, and we will invoice them, and take everything from there. Once your items sell you will receive a check from Clary’s Closet for 50%. WE ALSO can come to your home, and Clary can use her styling skills/expertise to help you decide what you should keep and what you just don't need anymore! We can physically come there and help you organize and re-do your entire wardrobe and closet!

Everyone always has so much stuff in their closet that they just don’t feel like wearing anymore, and this is the perfect way to get some really easy, extra cash off of all of that!! Right now, we are in NEED of new clients, so don’t hesitate to contact us to set up an appointment. Clutter is so not cute, & cleaning out your closet and making room for some new spring and summer must-have additions to your wardrobe is exactly what a lot of us need!! Simplify Your Life…. Clean out that Clutter…. Live Green,… and Contact Clary’s Closet!!!



Wednesday, April 22, 2009

LOVE!!! Clary's Closet teams up with Hairstylist Niki Poptsis!!!

During our recent Calendar photo shoot we have been telling you all about, many aspects far surpassed our expectations - one part in particular that we couldn't be more excited about! Our personal relationship with Niki Poptsis goes way back, but over the last few days that relationship was taken to the next level - and we were able to work with Niki for the first time in a professional atmosphere. I can't emphasize enough how impressed we were with Niki's professionalism - her passion and devotion to creating the most ideal hairstyle, perfectly executed through her hard work, acquired skill & necessary research. Numerous times throughout her typical day, Niki searches online and looks at blogs from famous hairdressers and photo shoots, and studies all of those pictures for inspiration. She can't wait to practice them on her friends or use them on her next client (she even styled Clary's hair while we had a little extra time on set- and the end result, a totally fabulous beachy look, we absoutely loved- check out Niki's blog for more pics of that!!) - it is that devotion to her job and self discipline that is going to take Niki very far in the world of hairstyling. Niki's overall energy and passion towards her clients happiness, in addition to the pride that she takes in her work are just a few of the reasons we feel so blessed to work with her- not only on this past shoot, but on upcoming shoots to come. She truly is an asset to our team, due to both her fabulous work ethic & her undeniable heart & personality that really shine through while she is working! Niki makes sure that her client's hair is absolute perfection before she lets them walk on the set - and she doesn't hesitate to jump in between shots to fix one stray stand of hair or add a little extra hairspray! It is that kind of passion that client's really love and appreciate - Not to mention her bubbly personality that was so encouraging & inspirational to the client of the last shoot - I could really tell Niki was helping her feel confident and more comfortable with her reassuring comments and cute instructional pose ideas. We are so happy and thrilled that we got to experience Niki in this professional light, and the amount of respect and admiration we have for her work will only grow each and every time we work with her! Check out some of these pics of Niki on the set, and make sure you read Niki's Hairstyling Blog for updates and more on her and what she is doing!

Day 1 - Calendar Photo Shoot - Success!!!

It was ABSOLUTE MADNESS in our world today, and I mean the most exciting, entertaining, professional & productive madness you could possibly imagine!! Today marked day one of the private client calendar shoot that brought together an all-star team of local talent- John Hildebrand (photographer), Niki Poptsis (hairstylist), Veronica Sinclair (make-up artist), & Clary's Closet's very own Clary Mendez (stylist/artistic director). From the very first moments when the shoot began at 8am, the completely natural & totally undeniable chemistry of the team was apparent - laughter & excitement filled the air as everyone prepped for the shoot, rocking out to a mix of old school hits broadcasting through the house via John's iPhone. As John & his assistant prepped the lighting, Niki enthusiastically curled & styled, Veronica gorgeously applied the make-up, & Clary perfected & added last minute wardrobe details. The numerous ways that the team joined forces to execute well thought out instructions & scenario's & turn them into real life shots were nothing short of incredible! We took a ton of totally cute & candid behind the scenes shots, but since this is a private shoot, most of them can not be posted.... yet! Hopefully when the shoot is all wrapped, we can let you all in on a bit more of the fabulosity that occurred behind the scenes- but for now, this is just a glimpse of day one!!! We resume the shoot tomorrow, bright and early, and trust, we can't wait for the excitement & madness that tomorrow will bring!!! Stay Tuned.... We sincerely hope & believe that this is the beginning of some truly incredible projects in the future.....LOVE IT, SO EXCITED!!! (more pics to come) ALSO- the adorable shirts that Niki and Clary are wearing can be found exclusively at Revolution Malibu)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

*Couture Rocks* Window Displays @ Revolution Malibu!

"Couture Rocks" by Clary's Closet is NOW in full effect at Revolution Malibu!! That delightful duo Cece and Mel have worked their magic yet again to create some truly incredible, kick @$$ window displays!!! They have taken complete opposite aspects of the fashion spectrum and tastefully brought them together creating an uber-chic, totally genius, one-of-a-kind look.... High-End-Designer-Couture meets Rhinestoned-Rock & Roll-Vintage.... and let me tell you, the end result is a super stunning match made in glamour heaven!!! Go to their website, Revolution Malibu, to check out some pics and what they have to say about our recent collaboration... Or better yet, walk on by next time you dine at Spruzzo's or work out at Malibu Fitness... Between the super awsome energy and the totally incredible merchandise, you just might think you died and went to retail heaven!!!
(Pics of current window displays: Clary's Closet's Oscar de la Renta Vintage Couture Skirt (for sale, $1400) paired with Revolution's own Thirsty 4 Souls deconstructed rock n roll t-shit adorned with studs and swarovski crystals ($128). Also, Clary's Closet's "Monogramouflage" Louis Vuitton, Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile handbag, & Revolution's custom studded Gucci. Please excuse the quality of the pics, blogging via Blackberry! xo)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

*Quotes of the Week*

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different" - Coco Chanel

"A girl should be two things.... Classy & Fabulous!" - Coco Chanel


As we mentioned the other day, Clary's Closet is in collaboration with the totally fabulous Revolution Malibu to be the first & only store to sell authentic vintage & designer couture in Malibu!!! If you haven't been in to check it out yet, get on it, because our one of a kind, highly coveted items (including those drool-worthy Chanel heels & that to-die-for Limited Edition Louis V.) are featured there now!!!! Plus, with the amount of fabulousity you will experience from the moment you walk in the door, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one of their rhinestone flannels or studded vests!!! And we assure you it's a shopping experience unlike any other- insanely gifted designers/creators Cece Abel & Melissa Simpson will blow you away with their incredible energy and undeniable passion and enthusiasm!!! Chances are, you'll leave wondering how you'll ever be able to endure another boring saleswoman at Neiman or Saks ever again- and now that couture has finally arrived in Malibu, you won't have to!! COUTURE ROCKS!!!!! (Be sure to log on and check out their incredible website and blog as well....www.revolutionmalibu.net)!

Clary's Closet teams up with John Hildebrand Photography!

We are super excited to be teaming up with the amazing John Hildebrand Photography for an upcoming calender shoot! Clary's Closet is currently styling as part of an incredible team that has come together to create a one-of-a-kind 12 month calender for a private client. (Also a part of the team is amazing Malibu hairstylist Niki Poptsis, who we adore both personally & professionally!) John Hildebrand Photography is nothing short of incredible - his fashion & lifestyle photography has a young & modern look that makes it extremely relevant in today's market, & he has always had that special sensibility to capture moments & create a distinct atmosphere. Make sure you check out his website, I assure you you will be blown away by his editorial, architectural & travel portfolios. Also be sure to catch his work featured at the grand opening of the Tracy Park Gallery at Cross Creek beginning on Saturday, April 18th. Check out the John Hildebrand Photography blog (which we will be guest blogging on as well!) for more info and updates on all of his incredible projects! We have all been working super hard for the last few weeks to prepare for this calender shoot, which takes place next week, and we will be bringing you updates & behind the scenes footage throughout the entire process!! SO EXCITED!!!


We recently got our hands on this INSANE, LIMITED EDITION bag from one of our fabulous clients (who happens to be a LV collector)! So sold out everywhere and impossibly hard to find, this Camouflage Speedy 35 is from the Fall 2008 "Monogramouflage" collection. Once again, Louis Vuitton artistic director Marc Jacobs collaborates with Japanese artist extraordinaire Takashi Murikami to create this highly coveted, one of a kind collection. (Previous collaborations from the duo include Multicolor LV, Eye Love Monogram, and the Panda & Cherry Blossom Collections, to name a few!) Inspired by Murikami's exhibit "Magic Ball", featured at the Brooklyn Museum, Monogramouflage is set out to be one of the most coveted of ALL the collaborations. Constantly carried by countless celebrities (Rhianna was recently spotted carrying it all over West Village in NY, and Ashley Tisdale doesn't leave home without hers), this is a MUST have for all LV collectors- and anyone else who can afford to own such an incredible piece of fashion history. (FOR SALE)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Here is the most amazing pair of shoes exactly how every girl loves them- high-heeled, fierce, and made by CHANEL. These are drool-inducing Chanel peep-toe pumps, $955 new!!! I LOVE the always classic, peep-toe, those killer heels, and that gorgeous lace!! PLUS, just check out that BLACK-DIAMOND STUDDED "DOUBLE C" SIGNATURE CHANEL LOGO EMBEDDED IN THE LACE ON THE TOE!!! TOOO DARN FABULOUS!!! (SIZE 6- FOR SALE.)


This is a *TOTALLY COVETED ONE-OF-A-KIND CLASSIC VINTAGE PIECE* by that fabulous designer *CAROLYNE ROEHM*! She doesn't design anymore, which makes her vintage pieces so highly sought-after and incredibly hard to find!!! This dress is truly a masterpiece of authentic couture! (FOR SALE.)


This week we came across some truly incredible vintage finds. Highly coveted, one of a kind pieces from some incredibly famous & highly sought after designers. You can check them out in person at Revolution Malibu - where they are on display and available for purchase. Or you can find them on E bay (http://myworld.ebay.com/claryscloset/). They are truly stunning and absolutely drool-worthy!!!

Clary's Closet featured at Revolution Malibu!!!

CLARY'S CLOSET is now featured @ REVOLUTION MALIBU!!! Hurry up and get down to *REVOLUTION MALIBU*-(that SUPER cute, totally amazing & one of a kind store under Spruzzo's, right by CLOUT) & make sure to check out the BEYOND FABULOUS rack of highly coveted couture from *Clary's Closet*!!!! It's guaranteed unlike any store in Malibu, and the first & only place you can get amazing, super luxe high-end designer fashions!!! THEY also feature tons of AMAZING vintage finds, pimped out with studs, rhinestones, and all kinds of fabulous extras!!! AS WELL AS rediculously amazing hand made jewelry, coasters, and home decor! 29575 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA, 90265.

Welcome to Clary's Closet!!

Welcome to Clary's Closet! We feature a hand picked selection of high end designer clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories! In addition, we also feature high end designer children's clothing and accessories, all totally fabulous brands and in brand-new or hardly worn condition. Clary's Closet began 3 years ago when stylist, Clary Mendez, came up with the genious idea to go through the closets of her friends, family, and associates in the fashion world and hand-pick a selection of fabulous items that weren't being used or had hardly ever/never been worn. We take those items and make them available to all of you fashion addicts/fashionistas to enjoy! We all know what a pricey task it is to keep up with all of the amazingness that the world of fashion has to offer, and at a time like this, Clary's Closet has developed the ideal way for people to still be able to fill their closets full of all of those super luxe designer items!! Clary's keen sense of fashion and fabulous sense of style started back in her childhood, where she always knew what to wear, what not to wear, and how to turn any outfit from normal to totally fabulous!! That killer instinct for fashion only grew as time went on, and she became a fashion stylist for magazines & countless celebrities. Watching all of this amazing clothing and accessories hardly be used or worn, and building relationships with people behind the scenes of the fashion world, Clary has developed a select clientele who make Clary's Closet possible. She hand selects insanely fabulous high end designer items and totally rare finds- ranging from unique, one of a kind vintage pieces to this seasons designer must-haves that are still on the shelves and being sold in the stores now! Clary's sense of style and natural eye for fashion are what make this business thrive, and with the help of her assistant, Jenna Pierson, Clary's Closet is growing and taking new steps each and every day to give everyone the chance to own absolutely insane designer items without having to pay the absolutely insane designer price tags! All of the items you will find at Clary's Closet are absolutely, undoubtedly 100% authentic, guarenteed!! Many of our items are available for sale on ebay at http://myworld.ebay.com/claryscloset/. Or feel free to email us anytime with any questions or inquiries. Claryscloset@gmail.com.